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New Technology at Local UPS Makes Shipping Easier
Greg Gore


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In the coming weeks, business and individual customers using the UPS customer counter at the local UPS facility on Ward Avenue in West Goshen will have access to a computer that will enable them to print shipping labels and charge their shipments to a credit card. The local UPS customer counter is one of the first UPS facilities in the country to offer this new option to customers. 

The new “customer counter point-of-sale technology” option gives customers access to the UPS shipping technology similar to UPS Internet Shipping, which was established early in 1999. Of course, customers can continue to log on to at home or work to access the Internet shipping option.

 Customers can also create an address book that maintains personal shipping information that can be accessed at other UPS counters with the same technology.

 Steve Holmes, spokesperson for UPS at the company’s world headquarters in Atlanta, says the customer counter computer will give infrequent shippers and those without easy access to the Internet the opportunity to enjoy the “time, convenience, and information advantages” offered by UPS Internet Shipping. Once a customer has registered to use the online Internet shipping option, he or she can create shipping labels, ship packages, and then track the shipments any time using a computer, wireless phone, pager, or handheld computer.

 To use UPS Internet Shipping Service at home or work go to and click on the upper left menu bar that states: “Log in to” Next, follow the steps to create a log-in ID and password for the Internet shipping option. You are now ready to create and print your labels. UPS has made it easy to input the address and service information. Once you have input the information, you can review it before printing the label.

 UPS Internet Shipping also maintains your account information including your return address, telephone number, and billing options for future use. All of the information you provide is submitted using a secure server and the information is stored in a secure manner by UPS.

 Individuals and small business customers using UPS occasionally may find it more convenient to pay by credit card. Customers shipping a few packages a day may want to set up a UPS account and receive a UPS bill on a weekly basis. Volume customers will find it more convenient and cost effective to arrange for daily UPS pickup at their location. Volume customers can also use the UPS Worldship PC-based service instead of the Internet Shipping service. With UPS Worldship, UPS provides a software package that contains even more features than are offered by the Internet Shipping service.

 Customers using the Internet Shipping service at home or work can schedule an air or ground package pick-up at their home or office up to four days in advance. Packages can also be handed off to a UPS driver or dropped off at one of the Mail Boxes Etc. locations, one of the authorized UPS retail shipping locations, or the local UPS customer counter at the Ward Avenue location.


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