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August 2009
Zen and the Art of Anything, Third Edition
by Hal W. French
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June 2009
A Spiritual Journey: Reflections on the Philosophy of Religion, A Transcendental Journey, and Cosmic Consciousness Redux
by Raymond M. Smullyan
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April 2009
Rambles Through My Library
by Raymond M. Smullyan
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January 2009
A Preacher's Poems
by Mike Young
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January 2008
Outside Influences: Catalytic Concepts for Understanding How the World Really Works
by Don Freda
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January 1994

Escape from the Box: The Wonder of Human Potential by Col. Edward L. Hubbard, now in its tenth printing!
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  Recent columns

Developing a New Appreciation for Computer Games, Gamers

For some reason, I never really got into playing computer games...Recently, however, I stumbled across a reference to the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) and I found a good reason to be excited about computer games…big money tournaments...(Read complete column) 

Many Options Are Available For Dealing With Pop-Up Advertising

Much recent press coverage of the Internet has focused on the problems caused by SPAM (unsolicited e-mail). It is not uncommon for me to get 30-50 of these messages a day. As annoying as they are, I can identify and delete these messages fairly easily from my mailbox. More frustrating to me than SPAM is the pop-up ad that won’t close...(Read complete column) 

Searching Through Google Brings Interesting Information, Usages

Although millions of Internet users access Google ( on a daily basis, some of its most interesting and useful features are unknown to many users...(Read complete column) 

Local Company Hones Internet Marketing Strategy

For 2 ˝ years, we have been following MaraStar Communications,, a high-tech Internet start-up company based in Paoli. MaraStar has survived despite the bursting of the Internet bubble and the lingering recession that followed the 9/11 tragedy...(Read complete column) 

Troubleshooting Your Modem Disconnect Problems

Frequent modem disconnect problems while you are browsing the Internet are very annoying to experience and they are often frustrating to correct because they can be caused by a number of reasons...(Read complete column) 

On-the-Go Email Becomes Easy, Affordable With PocketMail

The PocketMail Group Limited, an Australian listed company with headquarters in Sydney and offices in California, has produced a nifty, simple, and affordable e-mail system that is quickly developing an almost cult-like following among bikers, hikers, campers, RVers, and cruising boaters...(Read complete column) 

Understanding the Enigma of the Apple Computer Logo

While I was attending the 2002 Edinburgh International Festivals in Scotland, a lecturer made the statement that the famous Apple Computer logo (a profile of a rainbow colored apple with a bite out of it) was in homage to Alan Turing, the generally acknowledged father of the computer and the developer of the “Turing Test,” which pioneered the field of artificial intelligence. The lecturer went on to explain that Turing had committed suicide at the age of 42 by taking a bite from an apple laced with cyanide...(Read complete column) 

New Technology at Local UPS Makes Shipping Easier

In the coming weeks, business and individual customers using the UPS customer counter at the local UPS facility on Ward Avenue in West Goshen will have access to a computer that will enable them to print shipping labels and charge their shipments to a credit card. The local UPS customer counter is one of the first UPS facilities in the country to offer this new option to customers...(Read complete column) 

Entering a State of Meditation Through the Computer

Meditation exercises are an excellent way to enter the alpha/theta state in which you become totally relaxed. Moreover, reported physical benefits include lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate while also stimulating endorphins to produce a tremendous feeling of well-being, refreshment and renewal...(Read complete column)

E-Commerce Lessons for High-Tech Startup Enterprises

In the late eighties, Dr. Harry Fallick, a plastic surgeon and dermatological chemist, co-founded Fallene, Ltd., a cosmeceutical company headquartered in King of Prussia, PA. From the outset, his goal was to develop a “potent, full-light spectrum, topical protective system” for sun sensitive people and others concerned about the damaging effects of the sun...(Read complete column)

Email from Friend Comes with Urgent Warning

An old friend forwarded an email to me warning about the danger of static electricity causing fires at gas pumps. The email got my attention by emphasizing that “almost all” of the 150 reported cases of such fires researched by the Petroleum Equipment Institute involved women pumping gas at self-serve stations...(Read complete column)

Make Note of Settings Before Battery Problems Set In

My column, “Battery Failure Brings Down CMOS, Leads to Wake-up Call,” published July 20, 2001, is still generating email responses from readers. These emails are from readers who share a common problem: they are using older desktops or laptops that have a “hard-wired” battery that is dead. Moreover, because the battery is hard-wired, the average home computer user cannot easily replace it...(Read complete column)

PDAs Rapidly Growing in Popularity, Capability

Personal Digital Assistant capabilities are growing at an exponential rate. From simple organizers, PDAs have evolved into devices that combine the traditional organizer functions (address book, calculator, memo pad and the like) with telephone, Internet access, instant messaging, music playing, and scanning capabilities. The list of possibilities seems endless...(Read complete column)

Local Doctor Combines High Tech, High Touch to Medicine

Dr. Anshul Gambhir established his medical practice, Chester County Family Medicine, with the philosophy that he could provide superior medical care by being both “high tech” and “high touch.” Dr. Gambhir employs the latest computer and Internet technology to give his patients kind and compassionate care coupled with the most up-to-date medical treatments...(Read complete column)

Local Company Adapting to a Challenging Business Market

As an entrepreneurial company, what do you do when your product is ahead of the market, and at the same time, venture capital funding is increasingly scarce?...(Read complete column)

Backing Up Web Site Favorites and Bookmarks

Both the Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Netscape browsers allow users to easily save, organize and edit links to web sites that are frequently visited or are important for occasional reference use. Microsoft refers to these links as “Favorites ” and stores them in a folder, while Netscape uses the term “Bookmarks,” and stores them in a single html file. Because these folders and files are not stored in locations that are commonly used for data, such as the “My Documents” folder, they are easy to overlook when making backup files of important data...(Read complete column)

How to Use and Install the Microsoft Personal Web Server

The Microsoft Personal Web Server 4.01 (PWS) is a very useful tool for developing and testing web pages and web sites on your personal computer before uploading them to an offsite Internet web server. PWS can also be used effectively by individuals, organizations and corporations to publish web pages on intranets...(Read complete column)


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